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Surf Club and the training team welcome you for joining our surfing activities!

Enjoy the renewed and beautiful club complex in Haifa and make your surfing experience easier than ever.

30% discount for all rentals (until 30/05/23) to rank us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tripadviser). Ask the representative at the counter for more details.

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Please read and approve the following:

1. The instructions of the training team, the coast rescuers and the municipal supervision must be obeyed.

2. It is forbidden to enter the water in eastern winds that exceed 10 knots.

3. It is forbidden to enter water during storms during the winter season.

4. be careful to keep away from bathers and other surfers.

5.Entring the water is according to the sea conditions and the surfer's ability.

6. It is forbidden to enter the declared bathing area near the lifeguard's hut.

7. Please do not leave valuables unattended, club management is not responsible for theft or loss of any kind.

8. When returning equipment, make sure it is washed, placed in a safe manner, and the leash is attached to the board.

9. Maximum enjoyment comes with maximum safety, hand in hand! Please keep safe, yourself and those around you at the beach.

10. The equipment is the full responsibility of the user. You brake - you pay!

11. Payment is due as long as the service is not terminated, and equipment returned.

12. Billing is made by the hour or any part thereof (no payment can be made for half an hour!)

13. I hereby declare that I have read and agreed to the terms of the rental and participation in the surfing activity. *

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